Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reflections after a Training Run in Puerto Rico

Those of you freezing in the Northeast and anywhere else in the US - I send you sunshine and warmth. I am so grateful that I was able to run outdoors today for a 3 mile tempo run with my husband, Tom, setting a beast of a pace. We ran 3 miles in 35:35 but you know what? I discovered that it is not about any one training run or any time or any one race. I thought about this incredible journey of transformation and truth and wrote the following poem:

Reflections on the Run

Each time I lace up running shoes, let Spirit's essence shine
No matter what the outcome, Divinity is mine.
Beliefs I held about myself - immobilized, unfit
Living from a head, not heart, Spirit dimly lit.
Living in a bubble, afraid I'd crack or break
Threw all caution to the wind - a risk was time to take.

It's all about the freedom - to trust in Love and Light
Grabbed God's hand and took the leap - you know She holds on tight.
The journey is exquisite - knowledge, insight as I run
Overcoming every obstacle - each victory is won.
The sweetest victory of all is self-love I have found
Overflowing from the One True Source, peace can now surround.

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Tiffany Stuart said...

Beautiful poem. Loved the truths in it. Deep and healing.

Thankful to finally visit your blog. You visited mine recently. Thank you for your twitter comments.

I love that you are running. May God be your strength each and every step.

I'll be back.
Have a wonderful weekend,