Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Snow Day and Synchronicity

Passion is found in the field of the unreasonable. Anything is possible
if you are clear about what you want and you have strong enough reasons
and a real action plan - if you have unreasonable expectations for what
will be required of you and you are willing to meet them.

-Tony Robbins

I found this quote on Tony Robbins' website and 90% of the time, I experience Tony Robbins' definition of passion on this Road to the Boston Marathon accompanied by my daughter, my husband and my son (who although he is not running, without his support at home, we would have no clean laundry or food to eat on weekends when we do our long training runs). But yesterday, on the plane ride home from Puerto Rico (where I had the most perfect vacation of my life - for the first time I felt healthy and could truly enjoy myself) I had the doubts begin to creep in, and so, as I do when this happens, I immersed in the thoughts and then released them to God. I realize that the process of transformation is not linear and I am patient and loving to myself when my mind wants to steer me off course and revert to old beliefs.

Through my meditative state, I heard my daughter talking to the couple seated next to her. We could not get 3 seats together - no coincidence there of course - and as we land in Boston, I find out that my daughter has been talking with the nephew of Johnny Kelly. For those of you unfamiliar with the Boston Marathon, Johnny Kelly is a legend and there is a statue of him along the Boston Marathon course. So once again,synchronicity was at work and God gave me yet another sign that I am to move forward in joy.

Today there was yet another snowstorm in Boston. The peak of the storm was forecast to hit at the time we would be finishing up our long run at the BU indoor track. What to do? I felt throughout my whole being that God wanted us to do cross training today for several reasons. We built up our long runs slowly and with enough weeks planned so that if for some reason we needed to miss a week, we would still be at 21 miles by 3/28. If we did 17 miles today, we would do 18 miles on Saturday and that would be a 35 mile total within a week putting at risk for injury not to mention fatigue and burnout. I also felt that if God wanted us to do the 17 mile run today, She would have created a way for us to do so as has happened in so many weeks past. Team McManus opted for cross training and cross training we did! We gave it our all and got in a great cardio and mileage workout on the bike.

With every training day, I learn something new and today it was teaching myself how to relax when my muscles became tight in response to the stress I was placing on them. I am also learning how to engage all muscles and understand my unique body mechanics to make sure that everything is working in tandem, in harmony and in balance. It's a great journey discovering how my body works and what it needs to both be stressed and taken care of for maximum performance. God is guiding me every step along the way and as we get closer to Marathon Monday, I am listening and paying keen attention to what She is telling me. Janine, my beloved trainer, is another fabulous guide and where would I be without the healing hands of Janice, my beloved energy healer. What a team God has sent to me to lift me up on angel's wings and guide me safely through my journey.

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