Thursday, January 22, 2009

God At Every Turn

It is unusual for me to post two blogs in one day but I must share how God's Presence is so manifest in my life that I am humbled, overwhelmed and overjoyed. Several months ago, I attended an alumni event at Boston University. I was debating whether or not I wanted to go and I heard God say to me, 'go get ready and go.' I was feeling tired that day but listened to God's Voice. As I was getting out of my car, I heard God say to me, "Remember who you are." When I have gone to these gatherings in the past or any social gathering for that matter, the scepter of polio and having been abused would loom and I would feel less than. On this night, there were also distinguished alumni awards being presented; it was God's Grace that She told me to remember that I am a child of God full of grace, glory and power.

I mingled and met the new Dean of the School of Communication (who, by the way is a marathon runner) As the evening was winding down, I 'just happened' to find myself next to Geoff Poister. He asked me about my business (New World Greeting Cards and I shared a little bit of my journey with him. He was enthralled and his eyes filled with tears and I said to him, 'you know, I've often thought that my story would make a great documentary.' He said to me, 'funny you should say that...I'm a professor of film and I teach a course on how to make documentaries.'He told me that he would tell his students about me and that if one of them did not want to make the documentary, he would. (By the way,I google'd him when I got home; he is an award winning documentarian and also studied jazz at Berklee - amazing). I gave him my card, followed up with a couple of emails and two days ago I received an email from one of his students.

We met for coffee at Starbucks near the College of Communication. Joe knew who I was because he had gone to my website and watched the You Tube video I had made which is on our firstgiving website ( He had also sent me a link to a short documentary he had made. I knew this was going to be a very special connection - I had no idea how special. As he was taking notes, I was taken by the fact that Joe really got me and knew what I was talking about. As we were talking about the shame and embarassment and teasing I suffered as a result of polio, he shared with me that his dad had polio. He said that he was drawn to my story and just knew he had to make this documentary. He's not sure if his classmates will want to work on this as the project for the class, but he said he is committed to making the documentary no matter what.

So what are the chances? What are the chances of my daughter sitting next to Johnny Kelley's nephew on the plane ride home from Puerto Rico? What are the chances of me just happening to meet Janine, an in home personal trainer ( who possesses such special talent and a belief that with God all things are possible? What are the chances of meeting Prof Poister and he has a student in his class whose dad is a polio survivor? What are the chances of becoming a client of PR lab at BU and the professor who teaches the course just happens to be a Governor on the Board of Governors of the Boston Athletic Association which is the sponsor of the Boston Marathon?

With God at every turn, the chances are 100%...and I feel so blessed, comforted, loved and supported by God's Presence as I journey on.....and am so grateful for the blessing of synchronicity.

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