Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Heart Sings with Joy

It is not the external events which make my heart sing with joy; it is that my heart sings with joy and the events around me respond to that joy and love. God is there waiting with all of my gifts and blessings and all I have to do is say yes - I love myself! I am Your Child. I am Your Creation and as the saying goes, "God don't make no junk". I can claim all the blessings that You have set before me and they are unlimited.

I awoke at about 6 am this morning. The internal alarm clock, knowing I was getting up at 6:30 to go on a training run with my husband, Tom, wanted to give me time to connect with God to set my intentions, pray, and express gratitude for the day ahead. I could not focus on 'having to get up' at 6:30 am but rather I focused on the love of getting up at 6:30 am so my husband would be able to get in his mid week training run. He had been so busy at work and I had not wanted to get up early to train with him. I realized that just as I need a push at times for our long training runs, he needed a push to ensure that we maximize training during these final weeks of preparation. And so, with love and gratitude (rather than grumbling and martyrdom) we went to the BU Fit/Rec center for our interval training.

Tom had not done an interval training; we had done tempo runs and hills and so I taught him what Janine taught me. We did 6 speed intervals with a 2 minute sprint at the end.We did not track the miles but we know that we did over 3 miles with the way we were just running around the track. We did not listen to music with our iPod's today. I focused on connecting with my body being aware of my form and if a muscle felt tight, I would relax and also be aware of using all my muscles to propel myself. I was also keenly aware of my foot strike. I am instinctively and intensely preparing for Marathon Monday as well as our upcoming races. I am focusing in on stretching and hydrating and really taking care of myself but interestingly enough, as I do so, my energy level is soaring.

I know this is happening because I am strengthening my connection with God - Loving Creator and opening my heart and Spirit to let the love bathe me - mind, body and spirit. I feel the enormous power and strength of God which is in me and I allow this to propel me forward on life's journey to fulfill my highest purpose. My journey is a story to be shared so that others can light the spark in their soul using a taper from the flame which is now burning within me. I am so blessed that when my flame grows low, there are loving people around me who can fan the flame and help me to get back on the track. When two or more are gathered in God's name .....

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