Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cross Training, Three Weeks to Go and an AHA Moment

As the snow, sleet and ice poured down from the skies, I realized I needed to cross train on the bike. God always sends training plans and since we did our long run on Saturday and will be doing a long run on Friday, it was probably for the best that I had the opportunity to cross train with only one day of rest after a long run. With the realizationthat there is only 3 weeks of intensive training left, I decided to do my usual 5 minute warm up and then kick my butt to see how quickly I could do 8 miles. I beat last week's time of 30 minutes by 1:04 finishing at 28:56. I listened to the theme song from Rocky, The Music & The Mirror from A Chorus Line, This Is The Moment from Jekyll & Hyde and really listened closely to the words. Rocky's theme song talks about getting strong now; going long now - oh yeah! I sweated, visualized running the Marathon, cried with joy with the visualization of Team McManus coming over the hill into Kenmore Square and then crossing the finish line and focused on my own strength which comes from the Divine Source.

I began this journey a little over a year ago when the words fell out of my mouth, "I want to run the Boston Marathon for Spaulding Rehab". We are now just six weeks shy of Marathon Monday, and this Saturday is our last major fund raiser. I can feel the culmination of intensive training and fund raising as though I am at the top of Heartbreak Hill ready to make my descent to Cleveland Circle. There are times when I feel a knot tighten in my stomach and fear tries to take over. This morning I had another AHA moment as I felt to my core, after feeling fear and doubt, feelings of not being worthy of this journey. What a blessing that I have the strength and courage to feel how I felt when I experienced the crippling effects of polio; to experience feelings of humiliation, rejection, abuse from my parents and grandmother of every imaginable kind and to now emerge triumphant and overflowing with joy and gratitude, and to fall in love with myself and to feel so proud of myself for my courage, faith, determination and perseverance against all odds.

I get to choose - I get to choose how I feel about myself and what I choose to believe about myself. Do I allow the voices of the past to dominate my thoughts and feelings or do I allow myself to align with Source Energy to experience healing, compassion, love, Energy flowing through me, excitement, passion, joy, abundance, trusting that all is well and truly in Divine Order and knowing that I am connected with God. Do I choose to be a victim or do I allow myself to feel the Power of being aligned with our Loving God? I get to choose my thoughts and feelings so why not choose beauty, breath, love, grace, joy, certainty and the knowledge that the kingdom of God is truly within me....To run 26.2 miles, I choose to stay positive and in gratitude and aligned with God and release all those beliefs and thoughts and feelings which no longer serve me.

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God bless and see you at the finish line!

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