Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting Ready Mind, Body and Spirit

Twenty one miles - check; over $9,000 fund raising - check; hill training and speed drills - check; intensive cardio training - check - and now it's time for the taper and the countdown. It's strange to realize that two weeks from Saturday we will be picking up our numbers to wear for the 113th Boston Marathon. There still seems to be a surreal quality to this whole journey. I've been reading WBZ's Boston Marathon blog about countdown to the Boston Marathon and am delighted to see that the novice runners of Team McManus are ready as ready can be. We've done everything possible to prepare for this challenge and now it is time to focus on resting the body and gearing up the mind and Spirit. I see the signs for the Marathon with photos of Team Hoyt in the city. In the window of Marathon Sports, the mannequins are donning official Boston Marathon gear. I received the schedule for the Boston Red Sox in the mail today from our Toyota dealership.

In years past, these signs of Spring and the city coming to life would be lost on me. From 1996 until last year, I was suffering with symptoms of post polio syndrome. I dreaded the warmer weather and athletes coming to town - it was a painful reminder of what had been lost in my life. But no more - since last year when I cheered on Ernst Van Dyke turning the corner onto Beacon Street to now being poised and ready to take my place at the start of the 113th Boston Marathon, joy and gratitude flow through me. I feel excitement, nervousness, anticipation, the need to rest, the need to visualize and get myself primed for April 20th and I feel overwhelming gratitude for the miracle of healing that has happened in my life. What a blessing to be able to share this journey with so many and to touch lives and to be touched by the amazing people who I meet along the way.

Here's to Spring, here's to poetry in the Spring (you must go to www.newworldgreetings.com and order a copy of my book of inspirational poetry as well as enter a New World of Greeting Cards for all of your holidays and occasions this spring and summer) and here's to everyone's health and joy on April 20th, 2009!

If you would like to make a donation to Team McManus, be sure to visit www.firstgiving.com/teammcmanus. You can also check out my You Tube video which describes my journey of transformation.

God bless and see you at the finish line!

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