Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finding Strength and Releasing Old Beliefs

We live in a Universe with a law of opposites so how could I find my strength if at times I did not feel weak; how could I find my courage if at times I did not feel afraid. There are 26.2 days left until the Boston Marathon. I received an email from the BAA telling me so so it must be true -lol. Everything is set to go yet this morning as I did my core strengthening exercises and stretched, I could feel the little gremlins of doubt and fear creep in. I gave them some air time and want to share them with you because who among us, has not had these voices tug at our minds and hearts.

What do you think you're doing? You were diagnosed with post polio syndrome - what's gonna happen to your body by doing this intense training. You're gonna drop again just like a stone - your body can't take this. You should just go back into the background - who do you think you are being a shining star like this and having your own business and being a published poet and all? Nobody wants to hear about you. Self praise stinks and on and on and I'm sure you get the idea. I believe that anyone who has faced a major physical challenge becomes afraid that the cancer or whatever the challenge was will return or the body can't withstand the physical challenge or we're not worthy of healing and wholeness.

Here are my affirmations to address these old beliefs:
I am a child of God and it is my birth right to be healthy, joyous, whole and free.
I silence the voices of abuse, lack, limitation, neglect and draw the strength of God and all the resources of this beautiful Universe to me. I fill myself up and then allow the waters of love, light, joy, triumph and courage to flow out to touch and uplift others. I open my heart to take in God's love. I renew faith in my body that it will do whatever it needs to do whenever it needs to do it - providing I take exquisite care of it. I can relax and trust my body knowing that I am an extension of God's wondrous Love. To be extremely fair to myself on this amazing journey, I am experiencing sensations in my body that I have never experienced before - muscle and nerve growth, tightness, soreness all different sensations which come from expansion and physical challenge. I came from a place of fear and worry about my body - well with over 20 surgeries it was only natural to wonder, what next? But you know what? When I ask the question, what next? The answers are quite different now -- what's next is of course the Boston Marathon in 26.2 days and then I want to resume strength training with Janine, my personal trainer, learn how to dance, do the Disney Half Marathon just for fun; do fun runs and I want to live up to the adage 'you're not getting older, you're getting better!' I release the old beliefs and make space for God's love deep within my soul feeling the energy pulsate throughout my entire Being.

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See you at the finish line! God bless

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